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Launch of LEO Rigging Calculator App

LEO rigging calculator is the worlds first ever multipurpose rigging calculator.

LEO rigging calculator assists you to generate quick solutions to the everyday rigging calculations, which have to be made regularly by you in the course of a site survey or the design of a rigging plan. Also, helps the rigging engineers, supervisors, riggers, and safety personnel to verify the accuracy of calculations made by third party in a rigging or transportation plan. The most helpful feature of this App is, every result can be converted into PDF and send to anyone all over the globe through several document transfer methods supported by your smartphone. Leo rigging calculator App helps you to compute the following calculations. 1. Boom clearance calculator: The boom clearance calculator is designed to find the clearance between the nearest obstruction and the crane boom while performing a lifting activity by both the mobile and crawler cranes without preparing an Auto Cad-generated rigging plan, which will be more useful to avoid any clash during a lifting activity. For your future use, you can archive the crane data which you have entered into the app. 2. Tail load calculator: The tail load calculator is designed for finding out the amount of load shared by the main crane and the tail crane while performing a tailing operation. It gives the rate of change of load with respect to the tilt angle of the payload with horizontal from one crane to another. And the result will be illustrated in both the table and graph. 3. Wind speed calculator: The wind speed calculator is designed to find out the maximum permissible wind speed of various crane boom configurations relative to the size, shape, and weight of the load, which will be more useful while lifting a lighter object at high elevations or in a high windy environment. 4. Sling tension calculator: The sling tension calculator is designed to find out the maximum tension on each sling used in different modes of slinging arrangements, it also defines the tension on the sling used for lifting eccentric loads. 5. Percentage capacity calculator: The Percentage capacity calculator is designed to finding out the minimum capacity required on the load chart of a crane to perform a safe lift with respect to the weight of the load and allowable percentage capacity. 6. Sling Weight calculator: The Sling weight calculator is designed to finding out the weight of various types of slings. 7. Axle load calculator: The axle load calculator is designed to finding out the maximum axle load acting on the ground throughout the transportation of a load by using a combination of trailer and prime mover. 8. SPMT GBP load calculator: The SPMT GBP calculator is designed to finding out the maximum ground bearing pressure and maximum axle load acting on the ground during transportation of a payload by using SPMT. It also determines the minimum number of axle lines required for the transportation of a specific load. 9. Weight calculator: The weight calculator is designed to find out the weight of different shapes of metal objects of various COLLAPSE

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